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If you find your name, your parents or your grandparents here with ties back to Daniel; this should be taken as a substantial clue or lead that will give you a jump-start and show you where to concentrate your research efforts. As you seek proof of the data for your own family line, it will benefit all researchers if you will point out any errors that you discover.

The information posted in any of these databases is intended for use ONLY as a guide to further research. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information in these databases and assume no liability for the misuse of the data by viewers and/or users of these databases. These databases should be used with CAUTION and for research purposes only. Please do not copy entries and source any of these databases or this website as proof of descendancy for any purpose.

MGA Database:

The Murphree Genealogy Association maintains a GEDCOM database containing family history contributions from
  MGA members and documentation collected by MGA genealogists and historians. There are currently more than
  24,000 individuals and over 10,000 families in the MGA Database. Updates to the file will be posted on a
  periodic basis. The database posted here is a copy of the original with sources and notes removed to save
  server space.

  Click here to download a GEDCOM from the MGA Genealogist and Historian, Bruce Jordan. Save the file on your
  computer, then Import the GEDCOM into your genealogy program and enjoy! Please email Bruce with any
  comments or data submissions.

OPD Database:

The Old Pendleton District Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogy Society sponsors the OPD Genealogical
  Database Project This database contains records of over 381,000 individuals and more than 128,000 families
  who were residents or had lineal connections with OPD residents. If you had ancestors who came through this
  area you will likely find them in this database. Murphrees who migrated to the district are included. I worked
  with the late Herman Geschwind who maintained this huge database and we posted monthly updates as new
  contributions were entered. A database Viewer and GEDCOM of the last update Herman sent me shortly before
  he passed away in 2006 is available for download by clicking here. After you download and save the file to your
  computer, double-click on the self-executable file OPD.EXE and follow the instructions.

Descendants of Daniel Murphree:

Your webmaster, Charles Murphree, has posted a web site with his 35+ years (at the time) of personal research
  on the descendants of Daniel Murphree. This information may differ from the other databases posted here but,
  as we always suggest, use this data as a research tool only. Since the Internet age arrived you will find many
  databases most with errors galore. The vast majority are simply name collections with the accuracy or lack
  thereof, based purely on the integrity and dedication of the compiler. If you want to examine another Murphree
  database from another viewpoint click here and have a look. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of the
  information as it was compiled for my personal use with an eye toward correcting errors and fine tuning the
  data as time becomes available.

Ancestors of Webmaster:

Your webmaster has also posted a link to an old web based compilation of his ancestors from 1999. You
  probably won’t be interested in this one since it only has his personal Murphree lineage back to Daniel
  Murphree. It contains little of genealogical value since there are no sources or notes. There are quite a few
  surnames, some of which may give you a target to focus on which could lead to a connection with European
  Royalty. To take a look, click here for access.
Please use caution with information found in these databases. Do not accept anything unless you can prove it yourself. Keep an open mind and look at this material only as a guide. Look for clues for further research and you will enjoy working on your Murphree family tree. GEDCOM files can be downloaded and imported into your genealogy program. RootsMagic is my favorite genealogy software but you should be able to import these GEDCOM files into your own favorite program. Import this data into a separate file. Don't contaminate your valuable records until you have proven the facts to meet accepted genealogical standards.

This information will not prove your descendancy from Daniel Murphree. For purposes of this posting, data has been included even though proof or sources were not available. Databases should be viewed as a research tool and ready reference and as a guide to further research and genealogical proof. We are not an officially recognized repository by any hereditary society.