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The Archives is where we store our photos, scrapbooks, old letters, and other tidbits of Murphree family history. Some of the files are large and, depending on the speed of your computer, will be slow loading. We’ll try to use thumbnails and links to speed things up but I couldn’t resist posting some of the photos in full size. If you have enough patience, the wait will be worth your time!
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Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives
This website is a great resource for Irish County records and photos!
I am dedicating this site to the memory of my father, Paul Murphree (in the middle chair below.) Dad was the seventh son of seven sons. The boys had two sisters, Annie the eldest child and Rebecca the youngest child. The Irish blood runs strong in these boys!
The seven sons of Wesley Madison "Matt" and Octavia Rebecca (Nealy) Murphree. At the old homeplace in Salem, Oconee County, South Carolina ca 1919. Left to right, standing; Rufus Edward (1905-1979), Joseph Wyatt (1901- ?), John Foster (1903-1984), Wesley Ernest (1907-1989), Left to right, sitting; James Lyda (1911-1972), Paul Verner (1914-1997), Jesse Bruce (1909-2012). Matt and Octavia also had two daughters; Annie Mae (1899-1995) and Mary Rebecca (1916-1976).  
The original Murphree Homeplace where I got the idea for the Murphree Homeplace website. The home of my grandparents Wesley Madison "Matt" and Octavia Rebecca (Nealy) Murphree in Salem, Oconee County, South Carolina, ca 1915. Left to right; Joseph Wyatt (1901- ? ), John Foster (1903-1984), Rufus Edward (1905-1979), Wesley Ernest (1907-1989), Jesse Bruce (1909-2012), Annie Mae (1899-1995), James Lyda (1911-1972), Octavia Rebecca (1873-1946), Paul Verner (1914-1997), Wesley Madison (1875-1952).
Pg 1 of Daniel Murphree's will
Pg 2 of Daniel Murphree's will
Pg 3 of Daniel Murphree's will
Sleeve that contained Daniel Murphree's will
Inventory of Daniel Murphree's estate
John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville - mentioned in Daniel Murphree's will.

By clicking on the thumbnails below you will be directed to copies of Murphree research material, copies of wills, inventories, abstracts of wills and letters, photos, links to other research sites of interest or a multitude of other material in no particular order. By using this format it is easier for us to add items without rebuilding the whole page. Hover your mouse over the thumbnails and you should get a pop-up box with a brief descripton of where that link will lead you. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image. Some of the images will open a new page. You can then click on the image itself for an even larger view. If you don't see the back arrow, you may have to close the page to return here.

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We are busy moving files from the old site and posting new ones as we go. This may take a while, so take a look the next time you stop by. In the meantime, browse around and have fun searching for information to add to your own family history!
1st MGA Newsletter.
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Abstract of Daniel Murphree's will.
Letter from Euterpsa Murphree, 1863.
Bailey Barton Muster Roll, 1863.
Bob's Genealogy Filing Cabinet - Murphree Files
Solomon Murphree, Sr. son of Daniel, I
Murphree Auto Accident 1917