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The Murphree Genealogical Association (MGA) is the official repository of the Murphree family’s extensive genealogy records. Bill Royce Linder (1937-2000), a Murphree descendant, was the driving force in organizing the MGA in 1963. The MGA has been a vibrant and well recognized family genealogical association for more than half a century!

The MGA is still going strong in large part due to the dedicated efforts of officers and committee members in creating and maintaining an excellent and informative Newsletter, extensive genealogy database and a great website.

Randall Murphree is the current President of the association. Go to the official MGA website for a list of all the officers and directors. You can also find contact information for Linda Jordan, the Newsletter Editor, Bruce Jordan, the Genealogist & Historian and Jim Young the Webmaster.

The official MGA publication is the Murphree Newsletter which is published semi-annually. This newsletter has been in continuous publication since Bill Linder published the first issue of the Murphree Monthly on 26 August 1963 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Current Genealogist and Historian Bruce Jordan maintains the huge official MGA database. This database is now available for download from the official MGA website.

The association also conducts bi-annual meetings and conventions, usually in a location that has significance to Murphree family history.

The MGA is dedicated to furthering research on the ancestry and descendants of our earliest proven ancestor, Daniel Murphree, I (ca 1715-1771) and his wife Sarah. Their purpose is to preserve the Murphree heritage, to share information, and to promote fellowship among families who share a common ancestry. Membership is open not only to Murphrees, Murphree descendants, and Murphree cousins, but to anyone interested in researching their connections to this family line.

I am a Life Member of the MGA and I highly recommend that you join today! Go to the MGA’s excellent website at for information on becoming a member. Begin attending the national conventions and local reunions. You'll meet more cousins than you ever knew you had. You’ll learn about your Irish heritage, the Murphree family contributions to the founding of our country and much more!