ost Murphrees living in the United States today can trace
         their lineage to Daniel Murphree (ca1715-1771.)
    There are many  rooms in the house of Daniel,
         come in and be our guest.  If you are
               interested in discovering your
                Murphree heritage we hope
               to make your visit enjoyable.
Updated January 9, 2008
Welcome to the
    Email and Internet research
                                                        are commonplace these days
                                                          but we are still no closer to
                                                             identifying Daniel's Irish
                                                           forebears from the old country.
                                                    .     Considering the lack of extant
                                                 records from the early sixteenth century
                                            we may never find the documentation we
                                     continue.to look for.  This lack of written
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                                                    evidence does not keep us from enjoying our Irish
                                         heritage as it has been passed down for many generations.
                            After all, the Irish Bards of old carried on this tradition of oral history
                  long before Christianity brought the written word to Ireland.  We'll be adding new information as we discover it
            or as it is shared by other Murphree researchers.  Please sign our guestbook, below, before you leave.  If you're part
       of the Murphree clan, this is your home too!
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